Oven Base Cabinets


  • 66″ high base oven cabinet with three 7-3/4″ high drawers

Specific to AG, CW, PW, CS, SB, SE, SG, and SW only, the oven cabinet is divided into lower & upper two portions. See Oven Cabinets for all other colors.



84″: Oven cabinet is 84″ high (215 lb.) when combined with 18″ high oven upper cabinet.

87″: Oven cabinet is 87″ high (224 lb.) when combined with 21″ high oven upper cabinet. This height is specific to AG, CW, PW, CS, SB, SE, SG, and SW only.

90″: Oven cabinet is 90″ high (233 lb.) when combined with 24″ high oven upper cabinet.

96″: Oven cabinet is 96″ high (242 lb.) when combined with 30″ high oven upper cabinet.

84″ – 96″: Oven opening dimensions are 26 1/2″W x 24-3/8″H (can be widened up to 29 1/2″ if necessary). The oven cabinet can be modified to fit a double oven or oven/microwave combo by removing drawer boxes and pieces of the face frame.

There is a 7-3/8″ high horizontal stile above the oven opening and a 7 1/2″ high horizontal stile below the oven opening. There are also 1-3/4″ high horizontal stiles between each of the bottom drawers.

Additional information

Dimensions24.0 × 33.0 × 66.0 in


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